The Nitty-Gritty When Using a PSN Code Generator

When using a PlayStation Network Code Generator, it’s important to remember that you’re essentially getting a mixed bag of goodies that you may or may not want. It’s also true that it’s about as legal as digital piracy, so proceed with caution. Some code generators are completely worthless, with them coming up with codes that are either invalid or used (as well as expired). Your psn code generator should use the same algorithms as your PSN cards when it comes to coming up with codes, but that also brings the danger of a takedown by Sony if for example a generator comes up with an existing code that is supposed to be used by a PSN card but instead is used by another person without the card.

It’s best to get codes delivered as incentives or freebies from newsletters and the like but then again, such codes can easily be found through Google anyway, so it defeats the purpose of a code generator. Just be aware of the inherent dangers of going the generator route because it really isn’t in the best interest of Sony to end up selling codes that don’t work because someone else with a hacking application has already “stolen” it either intentionally or inadvertently. If you wish to get PSN codes free of charge, then there are risks and consequences you need to be aware of since these codes are typically availed of by card as items sold. A PSN code generator should be smart enough to bypass suspicion from PSN moderators and Sony itself.

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