Do you think having PSU connectors would cause any problem for mining?

There are certain rules and regulations that should be followed by any person in this world. These rules should be followed by you even when it comes to protecting health. You should have eight hours of sleep, three meals a day and so on. Only when you follow these rules you would stay healthy. Similar to our health, we should also ensure that health of mother board on which we would like to do mining is in good working condition. When you have PSUs you should be very careful about maintaining their health. It is always recommended that you prefer certified models. You should not buy cheap PSUs as there are incidents wherein they have caught fire or melted down when overly used. Since, you would be doing mining for very long hours on holidays or whenever you are free it is required that you make sure that PSUs are chosen with utmost care.

You could refer to Windows 10 Ethereum Mining GPU Guide so as to know what sort of precautions you should take for buying PSUs or GPUs that would be required for setting up your mining system. You have trouble until system is setup, once set up is done you hardly have to work for fixing any issues. Issues would rarely occur when you take best care for configuring system for the first time. All of your problems could be looked for in this guide. You could have relevant guides depending on configuration type that you are interested in.
Well, having PSU connectors is good for letting your kids enjoy some other games but make sure it would not hinder your mining activities that would earn you money and thus enable you to clear loan that is taken by you for buying PSU connectors or buying all parts required for configuring mining setup.

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