Check who among your staff is misguiding your students

While entire staff is struggling to make kids more aware of crimes that are happening today, there could be some people who might be making kids do some illegal activities for which they may be paid some money. Kids who are poor would get attracted to such activities and eventually would lander in smuggling activities as well over a period of time. Hence to make sure that students of your college would not be doing such activities you should be taking every care in identifying those people who are motivating kids to do such illegal activities.

It is understood that students being afraid of getting punished by law would not open their mouths. In such situations you could give them confidence that students of their school would not be punished but people who are running this large market of drugs or illegal business would be caught and would be punished there are chances that students might start speaking out truths. It is good that you question students one by one in separate rooms and also do not let students who have completed their chance of answering your questions to interact with anyone else. It is good they are sent home immediately.
This sort of arrangement when done by would make more sense and would also ensure that things move fast than what you expect it to be. Hence, it is recommended that when you suspect that something wrong is happening in your school and hence want to address it at the earliest it is advisable that you approach professionals for safeguarding reputation of your school. You should approach this company much before your school reputation is spoiled. Once reputation is spoiled it would be too hard to gain. Hence, be cautious and avail services as quickly as possible.

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